MuOM at Valle Crucis Abbey

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The Fringe Finale at the spectacular Valle Crucis Abbey featuring the overtone singing choir from Barcelona, MuOM.

Originally, guttural throat singing came from Central Asia (Tuva, Altai, Kazajistan, Mongolia). Overtone Singing, also called Harmonic Chant and Diphonic Singing, is a vocal technique in which each singer emits two notes at once.

Barcelona’s MuOM expertly mould these techniques into the choral context, inspired by such ensembles as the Harmonic Choir by David Hykes and Prana by Baird Hersey.  The result is a music that is formed by two superimposed planes (the voice and its harmonics), which overlap and intertwine to form richly layered harmonies.

With support from Alx Green

Valle Crucis Abbey, Llangollen - Doors Open 7.30pm

Doors Open 7.30pm
Doors Open 7.30pm

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